Just Scrooge It!

Scrooge is The App for tracking costs and settling debts with friends. After having fun with your friends, it remembers who paid, does the fair splitting and even reminds you to pay back the money you owe. Scrooge is fair, social and smooth.

The Fair Splitting App

Add Costs

Trash the receipts and forget messy notebooks – fill the sum, select, who were in, and… done! Scrooge supports real-time currencies and, of course, splitting the bill unevenly between participants. If you are out of internet, no problem – you can split costs also offline.

Add costs

For All Your Circles of Trust

All your phone’s contacts are available for costs, whether they are Scrooge users or not. You can add random everyday costs, like a taxi ride, or create an event for sharing multiple costs during your holiday trip. Everyone involved can see and modify the costs to keep things fair.

For all your circles of trust

The Big Picture

If you owe your friends, or they owe you, you'll know it and they'll know it. The whole cost history is mutually transparent, so forgetting the sum or the whole debt just won't happen.

The big picture