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Getting Started

  • What is it for? » Scrooge is a multi-user tool for splitting costs between friends and keeping track of who owes who. It can be used in various situations where settling costs would cause a hassle, to mention a few: holiday trips, organizing a party, doing team sports, co-owning, living with roommates, splitting a dinner bill, buying shared gifts, giving a friend a loan and everyday stuff like buying concert tickets or sharing a cab.
  • How do I sign up? » Download Scrooge application for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Then follow the instructions to sign up using your mobile number.
  • What mobile operating systems do you support?  » Scrooge is available for iPhone (4S and later) , Android (4.1 and later) and Windows Phone (8.1 and later).
  • Do you have a browser version?  » Not anymore.
  • What do I commit to when signing up? » Above all, you commit to having more fun with friends and worrying less about money. For more information, please refer to our Terms of service. Please note that you have to be at least 13 years old to register to Scrooge.


  • Can I change my personal information? » Yes! Go to Settings › My info.
  • I don't want to receive Scrooge Highlights to my email. » You can turn off Highlights in Settings › Sharing and networking.
  • I don't receive emails from Scrooge. » Check your spam folder and add to your contact list.
  • Why do you ask my bank account? » Often when your friends owe you money they'll ask for your bank account. Storing it in your profile makes life easier for all of you. Only your friends will see it, and a bank account number as such is not sensitive information. However, filling your bank account number is totally voluntary.
  • I moved to another country. Can I change my own currency? » Yes. Go to Settings › My currency.

My Friends

  • I received an invitation SMS from a friend and after registering to Scrooge I was already involved in some costs. » In Scrooge a user can start splitting costs with all mobile number contacts found in their phone, even if they haven’t registered to Scrooge yet. If the costs involving you are not correct, as a Scrooge user you may modify or remove them.
  • Do I need to invite my friends to Scrooge before splitting costs with them? » Nope! You can start splitting costs with all your mobile number contacts straight away. The ones who are not Scrooge users yet will be sent an SMS invitation automatically, free of charge.
  • My friend didn't receive my invitation. » Please note that SMS invitations can only be delivered to mobile numbers. Occasionally there may also be some lag in the delivery process due to third parties.
  • I have friends who don't want to use Scrooge at all. How to count them in when adding costs? » The only thing you need to include your friends in cost calculations is to have their mobile numbers in your contacts. If they never register to Scrooge they just won’t be able to add costs themselves.

Adding Costs

  • What's the difference between "Shared cost" and "Loan"? » A Shared cost means that you have paid on behalf of the whole group, for example bought five concert tickets or taken care of the restaurant bill. A loan means a direct payment of money from one person to another — a friend in need is a friend indeed. Technically you could treat the concert tickets as four separate loans (assuming one ticket goes to yourself), but that would be unpractical.
  • I can select the target event for a shared cost but not for a loan, why? » A loan is not a cost; you will get the exact sum back — you are friends, after all.
  • Can I split a cost unevenly? » Yes you can! When adding a shared cost, select the "pie" icon on the bottom right corner. You can then edit each person's share manually, while Scrooge automatically balances the rest, to match the total sum.
  • I made a mistake in a cost. Can I correct it? » Select Modify, if you notice the error yourself. All shared costs and loans are also subject to review by all participants. They can also modify or remove an incorrect cost.
  • My friend paid the restaurant bill but didn't have a smart phone at hand. Can I add a cost on their behalf? » Yes, indeed! The default for “Paid by” is always “Myself”, but you can change it.


  • What is "Everyday stuff"? » Everyday stuff is the default for all random costs. You can hand-pick the participants from all your contacts, and costs are immediately converted to debts between you and your friends. If you are going to split multiple costs with the same group of friends, for example on a holiday trip together, it’s recommended to create an event.
  • What's the point in creating events instead of just using Everyday stuff? » In an event all the costs are piled together and once the event is closed or settled, the application calculates the minimum amount of necessary money transfers between friends, for the user's convenience. In an event it's really fast to select the persons sharing an individual cost among participants of that event, instead of manually selecting among all your contacts. Some may also find it interesting to know how much they have spent during a holiday trip :) In any case, it's possible, but not recommended, to use Everyday stuff for all your costs.
  • What's the point of selecting “Settle and continue event” instead of just closing it?  » In that way you may convert all the shared costs to debts, but keep the event open for additional costs. This is especially handy for long-term events like co-owning costs or similar: you can just clear the score occasionally without closing the event.
  • I want to add a participant to our event. What to do? » Go to the event, locate the Participants icon and select “Add participants”.
  • There's an extra person in our event. » You can also remove participants in the Participants menu if they are not involved in any un-settled costs.


  • My friend paid back their debt in cash. How to make that show in Scrooge? » Select your friend in Collect menu, select “Check as paid…” and fill in the amount they’ve paid back (the whole debt or a smaller amount).

Pay Back

  • I have paid back my debt to my friend. How to make that show in Scrooge? » Select your friend in Pay back menu, select “Check as paid” and fill in the amount you’ve paid back (the whole debt or a smaller amount).

For Number Freaks

  • Where do you get the currency rates? » We get the up-to-date currency rates daily from


  • I can't sign in to my account. » In case you have updated your app or changed device filling your mobile number correctly should take you to your Scrooge account. If you encounter a problem, please contact
  • Scrooge doesn't work with my mobile phone. » Please check the supported devices on this FAQ. If your device should be supported but you still encounter problems, please contact


  • Is Scrooge safe? » Scrooge App has undergone extensive security procedures to protect the information provided by the user. For more detailed information, please refer to our Terms of service. All information provided by the user is subject to our Privacy policy.
  • How do you use my personal information? » Personal information is used to identify users and to offer them the best possible user experience. For more detailed information, please refer to our Privacy policy.